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Our Capabilities

DATASYST understands there is no cookie-cutter approach that meets the needs of every product or component in every industry. Whether for military, aeronautics, rail, medical, automotive, construction, agriculture, industrial or consumer electronics use, your products demand state-of-the-art testing to ensure they work as intended.

We combine top-tier engineering expertise and an investment in Electro Dynamic Vibration Systems, Environmental Chambers, Drop Testers and Hydraulic Test Equipment to meet varied testing needs.

Our Equipment

DATASYST testing equipment can perform mechanical testing of products and components of varied sizes, weights and testing profiles. We can evaluate products and designs for how well they hold up to vibration, mechanical shock and impact, load and fatigue, strain and stress, seismic impacts, extreme temperatures, humidity, altitude, thermal shock, and in combined environments.

Our sophisticated testing facility also allows customized product testing to unique needs to produce solution-focused results.

Temperature and Temperature / Humidity

  • 35 environmental chambers ranging in size from bench-top to drive-in
  • Temperature capabilities range from – 73 C / – 99.4 F to + 176 C / + 348.8 F with and without relative humidity up to 95%
  • Drive-in Chamber: 18.5 feet by 75 feet
  • 2 walk-in chambers: One 5 feet by 7 feet and the other 8.5 feet by 19.5 feet
  • 4 vertical agree chambers 
  • 2 horizontal agree chambers
  • Remaining chambers range in size from 1 cube to 64 cube

High Level Shock

  • MRad Model 1616

Portable Chambers

  • 2 portable chambers with HVAC systems that can be used with all non-agree vibration test systems
  • Custom fabricated chamber to fit customer-specific environmental testing needs

Electrodynamic Vibration Systems

  • 11 electrodynamic vibration systems ranging from 3,000 pounds force to 24,000 pounds force
  • All systems are 2-inch stroke except for the 24,000-pound force system, which is 3-inch stroke
  • Vertical head expanders up to 6-foot square

We can fabricate fixtures to go beyond the defined table footprint depending on the total moving mass and required test profile.

Static / Ultimate Load Test Equiment

  • Enerpac hydraulic equipment for static and or ultimate load testing up to 250,000 pounds force and up to 12-inches of stroke

Drop Testers

  • Lansmont package drop tester
  • 35-foot drop tower

Thermal Shock Chambers

  • 5 thermal shock chambers

Servo Hydraulic—Fatigue Test Equipment

  • Servo-hydraulic equipment ranging from 1-inch stroke to 37-inch stroke and 1 kip to 28 kip
  • Mix of MTS and Instron equipment
  • MTS 407 controllers
  •  MTS Flex test for multi-channel control

Altitude Chambers

  • Two altitude chambers: one small and one large

Dust Chambers

  • 3 dust chambers


  • SAE J 400 chamber

Ready to put your design to the test?

We can help you simulate how vibration and environmental impacts will affect your product or design at our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab. Tell us more about your third-party testing needs and request a quote today.

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